regular classes 3 times a week - Tuesday at 7pm - Thursday at 9am - Saturday at 10am | Travancinha, Portugal

Yoga Flow

Mensagem da Estrela – Travancinha – Central Portugal

Three times a week we share a Yoga practice open to all levels. Each class is unique, allowing our bodies and spirits to explore through a flow of postures different states which lead to increased openness, relaxation, awareness or Oneness. Private classes available on demand.

A few comments from people who practice Yoga with me:

There are days. Days which are beginnings of days. To wake up with Valérie is to walk along the day peacefully, with a relaxed skin, a calm breath, proudly lifting up our diamond heads. There are days. Days which are the end of a long day. Valérie asks us how we feel. Breath and movements bring peace to the turmoil. Connecting to ourselves, sleep becomes regenerative. There are days. Days which are a world. People from various continents gather in Valérie’s Yoga room for a class. She masters the languages, switching from one language to another, without excluding anyone. We are all connected together. This creates the power of the moment, spreading positive energy. A miniature world in a yoga class. Only with Valérie! (Diane from France, lives in Portugal)

Yoga is….a choice, an individual path of search for universal consciousness, which roots us to the earth, makes us vertical, makes us want to grow, like a tree, towards the sky. It is a practice in which mind and body, through corporal postures and breath control, align in this purpose. Valérie with her light and vibration, oriented me in this path, in which I just took one step, the first one. Thankful. (Cândido, from Portugal)

When I was in Portugal, I took various yoga classes taught by Valérie. She is an excellent warm-hearted teacher who explains clearly, has a peaceful calmness about her and easily adapts to the conditions and needs of her students. I recommend to everyone to join her classes if they can. (Ava from the US, lives in Germany)

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