Juice Detox Retreat

October 3rd to 9th
Quinta Mensagem da Estrela

6 days of cleansing, detoxifying your organism, renewing your vitality. In natural surroundings, with the help of three professional guides, alternating rest, yoga, walks, dance, you will be able to give your “hara”, center of your vital energy located in the belly the opportunity to release toxins. the effect of the detox process impacts both on the physical body and on the emotions, creating health, wellbeing, mental clarity and emotional lightness. Stress and pollution affect our digestion and elimination, changing the chemistry of our body. Detoxifying is a need. It will improve your life quality.

To guide your process: Ana Silveyra, specialised in health food and detox juices, Iyengar Yoga teacher, Shiatsu – Thai Massage and Californian Massage therapist, humanist astrologer. Kim Aheahe, Chi New Tsang and Kahuna Massage therapist, artist and yogui. Valérie Gaillard, Shiatsu, Thai Massage, Jahara y Chi Nei Tsang therapist and teacher.

You will receive massage treatments that activate your natural healing mechanisms, practice yoga and we will offer you walks and other activities geared towards wellbeing and detox.

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