Thai Yoga Massage Workshop

June 1st
In Tarragona,

Training in Therapeutic Qi Gong

Starting on June 6th
In Buenos Aires,

Introductory Zen Shiatsu Workshop

June 2nd
In Valparaiso,

Jahara® Support

June 21st to 23rd
In Buenos Aires,

Valérie Gaillard

I was born in Switzerland and I live currently in Portugal. I discovered my vocation as a teacher at an early age. Intuition brought me to Shiatsu, which responded to an internal and external quest. I had the good fortune to study it in my country as well as in Japan, where I spent three years. Asia brought me another present, Thai Massage, which dazzled me thanks to its infinite diversity. Jahara® was added in year 2000. I kept growing in these three disciplines and enriching my professional life as a practitioner and teacher with a number of other tools. I lived for 20 years in Argentina, where I founded my school. Nowadays I travel, teach, practice, study, discover and thank day after day these therapeutic arts which allow us to weave nets, find meaning, share health and keep growing as human beings.

Valerie Gaillard is talented in both her healing work and her teaching. Her classes are not only engaging, they are breath of fresh air. She has a great sence of humor and her work is solid and heartfelt.

- Ava Fisher | Read more

It is easy to learn massaging techniques, what is difficult and truly unique, is the art of connecting and healing through the massages. Valerie Gaillard masters her practice and selflessly gifts us with an extraordinary and unforgettable experience.

- Margarita Pareja-Stoyell | Read more

Valerie is a true master. She does amazing massages while at the same time she connects on a deeper spiritual level to help the body heal. She is a great professional and wonderful human being.

- David Lamka | Read more

I was blessed to meet Valerie in Ecuador in 2014. Our first encounter: a Jahara session for which I had decided to sign up without knowing her, about her, or even the technique.

- Dharma Kaur | Read more
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